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Thoughts on Story
What makes stories work? What do all stories have in common? I won't give you dazzling insights or definite answers; but I'll gladly share what I figured out for myself. Feel free to share your little nuggets of wisdom with me as well.
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STORY #4: Commerce vs Literature

Have you ever wondered what exactly literature is? Personally, I thought about it a lot. Maybe the answers I found for myself can help you on your way, too.

When Does Story Become Literature? Listen: I won’t finally answer a question that the entirety of academia is still somehow trying to figure out, or at least actively discussing. But, I think that this question needs to be addressed before I feel comfortable dishing out my own little nuggets of wisdom to you. If you […]

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STORY #3: Plot vs Story

Is it possible to define what plot is? And how can you turn it into story? I'll tell you about some of the rules I learned so that you might break them.

How to Define Plot In the last post of this series, I told you that plot was a causally connected sequence of beats and events. That still holds true. But it’s time, I think, to dig a little deeper. There’s something really elusive about defining plot – about finding the common denominator between all stories. […]

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STORY #2: Content vs Form

Many authors are criticised for choosing style over substance. What does that mean? What separates content from form? And how can you benefit from both?

The Difference Between Style and Substance in Story Reading is marvellous. Just think of it: When we read a book, we not only take in a wide array of characters we haven’t known before and affairs we might not even have dreamt about; we also take in the way these things are presented to us. […]

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STORY #1: Facts vs Fiction

What happens in stories isn't true. At least most of the times. But does that mean that storytelling is lying? And how can this question help with your writing?

Are All Stories Lies? (Disclaimer: Everything I present here has been influenced by essays, articles and books I read as a student. I don’t want to claim anything as my original thought. Still, going back to find out who said what seems too much to tackle at the moment. Don’t think of this as me […]

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