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Ask Me Anything
Do you have a great idea for a discussion about writing? Do you want to know my thoughts on one of your most pressing subjects? Ask away - I'm curious.
Posted on 15 April 2020 0 Comments
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What Should I Write Next?

This blog is a huge experiment. I can’t wait to learn what I think about certain topics I haven’t thought about until now, and I hope you share that sentiment. My plan is to leave you informed, entertained and just a tad enlightened.

I am, however, a rather lazy person. That’s why I’ve come up with this idea that’ll help me find new topics to write about and you get the information you’re looking for: I’ll simply listen to what you have to say.

The comments below are open to your suggestions. Do you struggle with a certain topic? Go ahead and ask. Do you have further questions to one of my blog posts? It’s question time. Do you think I’m utterly wrong about something and should reconsider my opinions? Now’s your chance to prove me wrong.

I’ll go through your comments, answer them, and if it’s enough to warrant a new post, I’ll write that one – just for you.

So, please: Ask me anything!

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