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This is not your typical writing blog. It's a cool writing blog. Find out what things I like to write about, think about or even smart-ass about.
Posted on 15 April 2020 0 Comments
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Not Another Writing Blog

Does the world really need another fledgeling author and his half-baked writing advice? The answer is probably no. Still, I will try to impart what little wisdom I have accrued over the years and maybe learn something of you as well.

Like many of you, I guess, I have spent countless days and nights of procrastination in googling “How to write a first chapter?”, “How to write good dialogue?”, or – more specifically – “How to write recurring time jumps without whiplashing my reader?”. Not to mention the countless guides and advice books on my bookshelves. (I say countless, there’s maybe twenty or so.)

I have read blogs and books and interviews, watched lengthy YouTube videos – and still, something is always missing – for me, at least. It’s helpful knowing about rules and techniques, but how can I apply them to my own writing? It’s terribly nice to know about the general stuff – but what about my in-depth problems? What can I do about that?

In this blog, I hope I will dig deeper than others have before me. Or at least in another direction. I want this blog to offer the kind of information I couldn’t find when I was searching for it. Maybe it’ll help you. Perhaps even inspire you. Or at least help you procrastinate with style.

Anyway: I hope you enjoy.

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